As Told by Ginger

Se emitió en 2000

Dibujos animados de la TV sigue a una niña preadolescente llamada Ginger Foutley, junto con dos amigos, que intentan caber en la vida social así como en la escuela y tratar de evitar cualquier desconciertos.

Reparto de As Told by Ginger

Listado de actores y actrices que aparecen

Jerry Houser

Principal Milty

Kathleen Freeman

Mrs. Gordon

Candi Milo

Mrs. Gripling

Guy Torry

Will Patterson

Emily Kapnek

Noelle Sussman

Jeffrey Buehl

Dwayne Cochran

Ja'net DuBois

Mrs. Patterson

Billy Brown

Mr. Patterson

Lewis Arquette

Mr. Cilia

Adrienne Frantz

Operator's Voice

Carol Kane


Billy West

Cleetis Boregard

Katie Leigh

Junior Harris

Eddie Barth


Jennifer Paz


Ben Stein

Buddy Baker

Mary Gross

Bobbie Lightfoot

Jennifer Coolidge

Nikki LaPorte

Jesse Corti

Dr. Juan

Cara DeLizia

Laetitia Bowans

Michael McKean

Bobby Lightfoot

Joey Lauren Adams

Thea Mipson

Nora Dunn

Coach Candace

Robbie Rist

Steven Applebaum

Olivia Hack

Hall Monitor

Kimberly Brooks


Pamela Adlon


Quinton Flynn

George Magrority

Lukas Haas


Eric Jungmann

Chairlift Operator

Robert Costanzo

Chef Bob

Nancy Linari

Sobbing Patient

Anndi McAfee

Blonde Girl

Stuart Pankin

Mr. Bowers & Math Teacher

Jane Wiedlin

Hope Rogers

April Winchell

Cleaning Lady

Mo Collins


Greg Lewis

Mr. Pringle

Christina Pickles

Carl's Art Teacher

Mindy Sterling

Song Leader

Brian Tochi

Mr. Briggs, Shop Keeper

Danny Cooksey


Chris Marquette

Stuart Higsby

Sam McMurray

Mr. Gripling, Reporter #3

Sally Struthers

Mrs. Bigsby

Amy Gross


Rita Rudner

Mrs. Fleming

Richard Steven Horvitz

Mitchey Mickelberg

Bernie Kopell

Mr. Libby

Tia Texada

Villager #2

Terri Apple

Film Narrator

Andrew Lawrence

Bathroom Chef

Brian Cummings

Principal Huliski, Reporter #2

John Mariano

Delivery Man

Phil Reeves

Anethesiologist Al

Valerie Harper

Maryellen, Librarian

Tony Plana

Spanish Doctor

Chris Parnell

Radio Announcer

Lauren Tom

Hip Art Student

Gregory Jbara

Delivery Man

Richard Tatum


Larry Drake

Dr. Weinstein

Cutter Garcia

Mr. Minor

Episodios de As Told by Ginger

Ginger the Juvey
Carl and Maude
Stealing First
Of Lice and Friends
Of Lice and Friends
Dare I, Darren
Hello Stranger
Los Hermanos Lobo
Hagamos lo correcto
Kiss And Make Up
The 'A' Ticket
Come Back Little Seal Girl
Summer Of Camp Caprice
Blizzard Conditions
Deja Who?
Un pedazo de mi corazón
Campamento Caprice
Campamento Caprice
Campamento Caprice
Never Can Say Goodbye
Gym Class Confidencial
Fast Reputation
The Nurses' Strike
Trouble In Gal Pal Land
Sibling Revile ry
Losing Nana Bishop
Lunatic Lake
April's Fools
Ms. Foutley's Boys
Love With a Poper Transfer Student
Family Therapy
New Girl In Town
Ginger's Solo
Mommie Nereast
And She Was Gone
No Hope For Courtney
Next Question
Driven to Extremes
About Face
Dulce Venganza
Wicked Game
The Easter Ham
About Face
Butterflies Are Free
Butterflies Are Free
Heat Lightning
Fair to Cloudy
Stuffll Kill Ya
Kiss Today Goodbye
A Lesson in Tightropes
Dodies's Big Break
Battle of the Bands
Ten Chairs
The Wedding Frame
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