Granjero último modelo

Se emitió en 1971

Abogado de Manhattan Douglas arrastra su esposa socialité protestando y sus mejores galas para el retrolavado rural de un destartalado granja fuera de Posterlandia. Intentan la granja arreglado. Cerdo de granjero Fred Ziffel Arnold ve la televisión y en muchos sentidos más inteligentes que el Hootervillians.

Reparto de Granjero último modelo

Listado de actores y actrices que aparecen

Bob Hastings


Parley Baer

Lt. Governor

J. Pat O'Malley

Ben Hanks

William Sylvester

Aide to the Governor

Lyle Talbot

Governor Carstairs

Gordon Jump

Mr. Clark

Patrick Cranshaw

Farmer #2

Sam Edwards

Wally Dunbar

Dan White


Arthur Peterson

Doctor Stoddard

Roy Roberts


Maggie Mancuso

Cynthia Appelby

John Qualen

Mr. Appleby

Ronald Long


Hank Worden


Lilia Skala


Johnny Whitaker

Dinky Watson

Willis Bouchey

Mr. Felton

Norman Leavitt

Telephone Man

Stuart Erwin

Mr. Johnson

Elvia Allman

Cora Watson

Richard Hale

Carl Hinkley

Joe Conley


Donald Curtis

Curly Robins

Ray Teal

Mr. Grimes

Robert Strauss

Chief Thundercloud

Richard Erdman

Dillwell Pinkley

Bernie Kopell

James Stuart

Hoke Howell


Ted de Corsia

Mr. Grimes

June Foray


Henry Corden


Charles Lane

Mr. Wilson

Leslie McRay

Hula Girl

Jamie Rose

Girl #4

Francine York

Terry Harper

Alan Hale Jr.


Jordan Rhodes

Doctor Livermore

Robert Cummings

Mort Warner

Don Keefer

Carl Kelcy

Allan Melvin

Mr. Wheeler

Herb Voland

Judd Carling

Richard Deacon

Mr. Oglethorpe

Pamela Franklin

Pamela Carter

George Furth

Mark Allan

Emmaline Henry

Lillian Grant

Al Lewis


Pat Morita

Charlie Lee

Joe E. Tata


Rich Little

Mr. Fred

Episodios de Granjero último modelo

Oliver buys a farm
Lisa's first day on the farm
The Decorator
The Best Laid Plans
My husband, the rooster renter
Furniture, furniture, who's got the furniture?
Lisa the helpmate
You can't plug in a 2 with a 6
Don't call us, we'll call you
Parity begins at home
Lisa has a calf
The wedding anniversary
What happened in scranton?
How to enlarge a bedroom
Give me land, lots of land
I didn't raise my husband to be a fireman
Lisa bakes a cake
Sprained ankle, country style
The price of apples
What's in a name?
The day of decision
A pig in a poke
The deputy
Double drick
The ballad of Molly Turgiss
Never look a gift tractor in the mouth
Send a boy to college
Horse? what horse?
The rains came
Uncle Ollie
Wings over hooterville
Water, water everywhere
I didn't raise my pig to be a soldier
How to see South America by bus
The ugly duckling
One of our assemblymen is missing
The good old days
Eb discovers the birds and the bees
The hooterville image
You ought to be in pictures
A home isn't built in a day
A square is not round
An old fashioned christmas
Never trust a little old lady
School days
His honor
It's so peaceful in the country
Exodus to bleedwell
It's human to be humane
Never take your wife to a convention
The computer age
Never start talking unless your voice comes out
The Beverly hillbillies
Lisa's vegetable garden
The saucer season
Getting even with haney
Kimball gets fired
The vulgar ring story
Who's Lisa?
Music to milk by
The man for the job
Lisa's jam session
Love comes to Arnold Ziffel
Oliver vs. the phone company
Oliver takes over the phone company
A kind word for the president
Don't count your tomatoes before they're picked
Eb elopes
The thing
Das lumpen