Se emitió en 1983

4077 Hospital quirúrgico móvil ejército está atascado en medio de la guerra de Corea. Con ayuda de las circunstancias que se encuentran en, se ven obligados a hacer su propia diversión. Aficionado a las bromas pesadas y venganza, los médicos, enfermeras, administradores y soldados a menudo encuentran maneras de hacer la guerra vida soportable. Sin embargo, la guerra continúa,

Reparto de M*A*S*H

Listado de actores y actrices que aparecen

Sal Viscuso

P.A. announcer

Todd Susman

P.A. Announcer

Billy Green Bush

John 'Cowboy' Hodges

Arlene Golonka

Nurse Edwina 'Eddie' Ferguson

Frank Aletter

Maj. Stoner

Corinne Camacho

Lt. Regina Hopkins

Kelly Jean Peters

Lt. Louise Anderson

Mills Watson

Sgt. Condon

Kathrine Baumann

Nancy Sue Parker

James Gregory

Lt. Gen. Robert 'Iron Guts' Kelly

Alex Karras

Lance Cpl. Lyle Wesson

Michael Lerner

Captain Futterman

Mary Wickes

Colonel Reese

James T. Callahan

Cpl. Tommy Gillis

Corey Fischer

Captain Phil Cardozo

Burt Young

Lt. Willis

Ned Beatty

Col. Hollister

Richard Masur

Lt 'Digger' Detweiler

Warren Stevens

Colonel Chaffey

Blythe Danner

Carlye Breslin Walton

Robert Hogan

Smilin' Jack Mitchell

Andrew Duggan

Col. Alvin 'Howitzer' Houlihan

Edward Herrmann

Capt. Steven J. Newsome

Pat Hingle

Colonel Daniel Webster Tucker

Richard Paul

Capt. Bill Bainbridge

Susan Saint James

Aggie O'Shea

Dirk Blocker

James Mathes

Barry Corbin

Sgt. Joe Vickers

Stefan Gierasch

Colonel Ditka

Peter Jurasik

Capt. Triplett

Nicholas Pryor

Major Nathaniel Burnham

Gail Strickland

Capt. Helen Whitfield

Tom Atkins

Major Lawrence Weems

Earl Boen

Major Robert Hatch

Jeff East

Lt. Pavelich

Cyril O'Reilly

Pvt. Nick Gillis

George Wendt

Pvt. La Roche

John Anderson

Gen. Addison Collins

Craig Wasson

Pvt. Kurland

Wayne Bryan

Private Thompson

Dennis Fimple

Sergeant 'Sparky' Pryor

Ann Doran

Nurse Meg Cratty

Bruce Kirby

Sergeant Kimble

Joseph Maher

Major Taylor

Louisa Moritz

Nurse Sanchez

Joe Morton

Captain Saunders

Charles Aidman

Colonel Victor Bloodworth

Michael Bell

Willie Stratton

Edward Binns

General Korshak

Henry Brown

Sgt. Billy Tyler

Thomas Carter

Patient McLeod

Kieu Chinh

Kyung Soon

James Cromwell

Leo Bardonaro

Richard Narita

Cho Lin

Douglas Rowe


Bernard Fox

Major Ross

George Lindsey

Capt. Roy Dupree

Carmen Mathews

Colonel Lillian Rayburn

Greg Mullavey

Capt. Tom Greenleigh

Hank Ross


Lee de Broux

Maj. George Van Kirk

Mariette Hartley

Dr. Inga Halvorsen

Claudette Nevins

Donna Marie Parker

Lawrence Pressman

Congressional Aide R. Theodore Williamson

John Randolph

Gen. Budd Haggerty

Larry Cedar

The Soldier

Alan Toy


Jack Blessing

Lt. Rollins

Michael Ensign

Major Cass

Squire Fridell

Cpl. Alvin Rice

Andrew Parks

Dying Soldier

Sam Weisman

Sgt. Barney Hutchinson

Guy Boyd

Sgt. Lally

Brett Cullen

Pvt. Thomas Anthony McKegney

David Graf

Lt. Spears

Sandy Helberg

Cpl. Bannister

William Lucking

Sgt. Marty Urbancic

John P. Ryan

Major Van Zandt

Dennis Holahan

Per Johannsen

Mary Kay Place

Lt. Louise Simmons

George O'Hanlon Jr.

Private Gerald Phelan

Brian Dennehy

M.P. Ernie Connors

Philip Baker Hall

Sgt. Hacker

Jerry Houser


Susan Krebs

Nurse Gleason

Leonard Stone

Colonel Bidwell

Marcia Rodd

Nurse Lorraine Anderson

Ed Begley Jr.

Pvt. Paul Conway

Larry Flash Jenkins

Private North

James Keane

Cpl. Shaw

Mark L. Taylor


Kelly Ward


Daren Kelly

Sergeant Herbert

Art LaFleur

The M.P.

Tony Becker

Private Brown

Leo Lewis

Sgt. Barnstable

Joe Pantoliano

Cpl. Gerald Mullen

Andrew Dice Clay

Corp. Hrabosky

Laurence Fishburne

Corporal Dorsey

Gene Pietragallo

Corp. Fisher

Barbara Tarbuck

Maj. Judy Parker

Mark Herrier

Corp. Stoddard

James Karen

Dr. Stephen Chesler

James Sikking

Finance Officer

Alan Fudge

Captain Arnold Chandler

Stafford Repp

Sgt. Clay

Bart Braverman

Private Habib

John Ashton

The M.P.

Robin Riker

Nurse Perry

Robert Clotworthy

Private Welch

Karen Landry

Sarah Miller

Perry Lang


Michael Swan

Lt. Brannum

Hope Summers

Nurse Meg Cratty

Albert Hall


Larry Wilcox

Corporal Mulligan

George Wyner

Cpl. Benson

William Katt


Paul Linke


Stephen Keep Mills

General's Aide

Gary Grubbs

Lt. Geyer

John Ritter

Pvt. Carter

Gary Springer

Private Garvin

Mic Rodgers


Art Evans


Al Rossi


Jon Van Ness


Meshach Taylor


Zitto Kazann

Sergeant Attias

Jim Lau

Chinese Musician

Alice Faye


Tim Holt

Virgil Earp

Victor Mature

Dr. John 'Doc' Holiday

Phillip Brock

Pvt. Walt Palmer

Vincent Price


Bill Robinson

Uncle Billy

Shirley Temple

Virginia Cary

Gene Tierney


Cornel Wilde


Milton Berle


Joe E. Brown


Rita Hayworth


Bob Hope


Danny Kaye


Richard Nixon


Martin Ferrero

Wounded man in jeep

Albert Insinnia

Sgt. Ray Tornberg

Episodios de M*A*S*H

El Mercado Negro
Capitulo 3
Cirujano jefe... quien?
La musa
Doctor yankee doodle
Todos locos
Vuelve a casa, Henry
Odio los misterios
Guerra de gérmenes
Querido papá
Tortolitos de América
Capitán Tootle
A golpe de Anillo
"Sometimes You Hear the Bullet"
Querido papá otra vez
Calzoncillos largos
El partido Ejercto Marina
Alusiones molestas
La fiebre del oro Coreano
Alto el Fuego
Y llegó el espectáculo
"Divided We Stand"
"5 O'Clock Charlie"
"Radar's Report"
"For the Good of the Outfit"
"Dr. Pierce and Mr. Hyde"
Persona indígena local
"The Trial of Henry Blake"
Querido Pap...Tres
El francotirador
"Carry On, Hawkeye"
"The Incubator"
"Deal Me Out"
"Hot Lips and Empty Arms"
"Officers Only"
Harry enamorado
Todo por unas botas
Operación Nariz
"The Chosen People"
"As You Were"
La llamada del Correo
"A Smattering of Intelligence"
El General Flipo al amanecer
El puente del Arco Iris
Oficial de dia
Kelly tripas de hierro
En directo con el Pater
"Alcoholics Unanimous"
No hay nada como una enfermera
Las costillas de Adam
Un dia muy completo
Perros Locos y Soldados
El soldado Charles Cordero
Boletín de anuncios
El Especialista
Arresto Domiciliario
Puesto Medico
Amor y Matrimonio
El Gran Mac
Dia de Paga
Oro Blanco
Abysinia, Henry
Bienvenido a Corea!
Nuevo jefe
It happened one night
The Late Captain Pierce
Hey, Doc
"The Bus"
"Dear Mildred"
"The Kids"
"Quo Vadis, Captain Chandler?"
"Dear Peggy"
"Of Moose and Men"
"Soldier of the Month"
"The Gun"
"Mail Call...Again"
"The Price of Tomato Juice"
"Dear Ma"
"Der Tag"
"Some 38th Parallels"
"The Novocaine Mutiny"
"Smilin' Jack"
"The More I See You"
"The Interview"
"Bug Out (1 Hour)"
"Margaret's Engagement"
"Out of Sight, Out of Mind"
"Lt. Radar O'Reilly"
"The Nurses"
"The Abduction of Margaret Houlihan"
"Dear Sigmund"
"Mulcahy's War"
"The Korean Surgeon"
"Hawkeye Get Your Gun"
"The Colonel's Horse"
"Hawk's Nightmare"
"The Most Unforgettable Characters"
"38 Across"
"Ping Pong"
"End Run"
"Hanky Panky"
"The General's Practitioner"
"Movie Tonight"
"Post Op"
"Margaret's Marriage"
"Fade Out, Fade In (1 Hour)"
"Fallen Idol"
"Last Laugh"
"War of Nerves"
"The Winchester Tapes"
"The Light That Failed"
"In Love and War"
"Change Day"
"The M*A*S*H Olympics"
"The Grim Reaper"
"Comrades in Arms, Part 1"
"Comrades in Arms, Part 2"
"The Merchant of Korea"
"The Smell of Music"
"Patent 4077"
"Tea and Empathy"
"Your Hit Parade"
"What's Up, Doc?"
"Mail Call Three"
"Temporary Duty"
"Potter's Retirement"
"Dr. Winchester and Mr. Hyde"
"Major Topper"
"Commander Pierce"
"Peace on Us"
"Our Finest Hour (1 Hour)"
"The Billfold Syndrome"
"None Like it Hot"
"They Call the Wind Korea"
"Major Ego"
"Baby, It's Cold Outside"
"Point of View"
"Dear Comrade"
"Out of Gas"
"An Eye for a Tooth"
"Dear Sis"
"B.J. Papa San"
"The Price"
"The Young and the Restless"
"Hot Lips is Back in Town"
"Rally Round the Flagg, Boys"
"Preventative Medicine"
"A Night at Rosie's"
"Ain't Love Grand?"
"The Party"
"Too Many Cooks"
"Are You Now, Margaret?"
"Guerilla My Dreams"
"Good Bye Radar, Part 1"
"Good Bye Radar, Part 2"
"Period of Adjustment"
"Nurse Doctor"
"Private Finance"
"Mr. and Mrs. Who?"
"The Yalu Brick Road"
"Life Time"
"Dear Uncle Abdul"
"Captains Outrageous"
"Stars and Stripes"
"Yessir, That's Our Baby"
"Bottle Fatigue"
"Heal Thyself"
"Old Soldiers"
"Morale Victory"
"Lend a Hand"
"Goodbye, Cruel World"
"War Co Respondent"
"Back Pay"
"April Fools"
"The Best of Enemies"
"Cementing Relationships"
"Father's Day"
"Death Takes a Holiday"
"A War for All Seasons"
"Your Retention, Please"
"Tell It to the Marines"
"Taking the Fifth"
"Operation Friendship"
"No Sweat"
"Depressing News"
"No Laughing Matter"
"Oh, How We Danced"
"Bottoms Up"
"The Red/White Blues"
"Bless You, Hawkeye"
"Blood Brothers"
"The Foresight Saga"
"The Life You Save"
"That's Show Biz (1 Hour)"
"Identity Crisis"
"Rumor at the Top"
"Give 'Em Hell, Hawkeye"
"Wheelers and Dealers"
"Communication Breakdown"
"Snap Judgment (Part 1)"
"Snappier Judgment (Part 2)"
"'Twas the Day After Christmas"
10 "Follies of the Living Concerns of the Dead"
"The Birthday Girls"
"Blood and Guts"
"A Holy Mess"
"The Tooth Shall Set You Free"
"Pressure Points"
"Where There's a Will, There's a War"
"Promotion Commotion"
"Sons and Bowlers"
"Picture This"
"That Darn Kid"
"Hey, Look Me Over"
"Trick or Treatment"
"Foreign Affairs"
"The Joker is Wild"
"Who Knew?"
"Settling Debts"
"The Moon is Not Blue"
"Run for the Money"
"U.N., the Night and the Music"
"Strange Bedfellows"
"Say No More"
"Friends and Enemies"
"Give and Take"
"As Time Goes By"
"Goodbye, Farewell and Amen"