The Goldbergs

Se emitió en 2013

Antes había crianza blogs, trofeos para aparecer y alergia a los cacahuates, hubo una época más simple llamada los ' 80. Para Adam geek 11 años estos fueron sus años de maravilla y se enfrentó a los armados con una cámara de vídeo para capturar a todos los locos.

Reparto de The Goldbergs

Listado de actores y actrices que aparecen

Patton Oswalt


Jackson Odell

Ari Caldwell

Danielle Andrade

Lexi Bloom's Friend

Rowdy Brown

Barry's friend

Tanner Buchanan

Evan Turner

Jennifer Irwin

Virginia Kremp

Tyler Stokes

Drew Kremp

Stephen Jared

Dana's Dad

Kenny Ridwan

Dave Kim

Barbara Alyn Woods

Mrs. Caldwell

Troy Winbush

Officer Puchinski

Annie Mumolo

Betsy Rubenstone

Brec Bassinger

Zoe McIntosh

Martin Starr


Steve Wiebe

Burger Joint Employee

Parker Harris

Michael Rubenstone

Shannon McClung

College Recruiter

Rhoda Baldwin


Tom Cavanagh

Charles Kremp

Dan Fogler


Karen Gonzalez


Mike Grief

Pastry Baker

Brian Huskey

Andy Secunda

David L. King


Billy Malone

Security Guard

Rizwan Manji


Tim Meadows

Mr. Glascott

Alex Meneses


Renee Percy


JC Tremblay

Movie usher

Justene Alpert

Sorority Girl

Stacey Bender

Movie Goer

Luke Benward


Kate Hess

S.A.T. Proctor

Terrell Lee

Pawn Shop Guy

Thomas Lennon

Tautaun Todd

Paul McKinney


Keith Pillow

Principal Dover

Torrey Vogel

Wrestling Opponent

Serendipity Lilliana

Trick or Treater Pink Care Bear

Episodios de The Goldbergs

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Daddy Daughter Day
Mini Murray
Why're You Hitting Yourself?
The Ring
Who Are You Going to Telephone?
Call Me When You Get There
The Kremps
Stop Arguing and Start Thanking
You're Under Foot
The other smother
You Opened the Door
Capítulo 15
Goldbergs Never Say Die!
Lame Gretzky
For Your Own Good
The President's Fitness Test
You're Not Invited
The Age of Darkness
A Westler Called Goldberg
Livin' on a Prayer