La Dimensión Desconocida (The Twilight Zone)

Se emitió en 1964

Serie de Rod Serling antología seminal se centró en gente normal que de repente se encontraron en situaciones extraordinarias, generalmente sobrenaturales. Las historias normalmente terminaba con un giro irónico que vería los culpables castigados.

Reparto de La Dimensión Desconocida (The Twilight Zone)

Listado de actores y actrices que aparecen

Rod Serling


J. Pat O'Malley

Gooberman - Town Drunk

Gladys Cooper

Elva Keene

Albert Salmi

Joe Caswell

John Dehner

Alan Richards

James Best

Billy Ben Turner

Stafford Repp

Ira Broadly

Arch Johnson


Lee Marvin

Conny Miller

Cliff Robertson

Christian Horn

Joseph Schildkraut

Alfred Becker

Ed Wynn

Lou Bookman

James Gregory

Air Force General

Edward Andrews


Anne Francis


Joe Mantell

Jackie Rhoades

John Hoyt

Dr. Loren

Russell Johnson

Pete Corrigan

Fritz Weaver


Dick York

Capt. Phil Riker

Simon Oakland

Captain Beecham

Richard Long

David Andrew Gurney

John McGiver

Roswell G. Flemington

Martin Landau

Dan Hotaling

Jack Warden

James A. Corry

Cecil Kellaway


Claude Akins

Cmdr. William Fletcher

Stanley Adams


Frank Overton

Harry Wheeler

Edward Binns

Col. Bob Donlin

Don Gordon

Andy Marshak

Ross Martin

Johnny Foster

Jack Weston

Charlie Farnsworth

Adam Williams


Ivan Dixon

Bolie Jackson

William Windom

Dr. Wallman

Jeanette Nolan

Granny Hart

Lee Philips

Alan Ransome

Paul Langton


Kevin Hagen

Captain James Webber

Ted de Corsia

Foreman Dickerson

Malcolm Atterbury

Henry J. Fate

Arlene Martel

Girl in Bar

Virginia Gregg

Emily Harper

Jonathan Harris

George Alfred

Dabbs Greer


Bing Russell

Ben Braden

Howard McNear


Dick Wilson

Clock Mover

Warren Oates

CPL Richard Langsford

Jack Albertson

Jerry Harlowe

Nesdon Booth

Big Phil Nolan

John Fiedler

Field Rep #3

Stephen Talbot

Howie Gutliff

Donna Douglas


Burt Mustin


Vito Scotti


Jerry Fujikawa

Japanese Captain

Chuck Hicks

Maynard Flash

Ned Glass

Pawnshop Man

Richard Conte

Edward Hall

Earl Holliman

Mike Ferris

Rod Taylor

Lieutenant Colonel Clegg Forbes

Luther Adler

Arthur Castle

Brian Aherne

Booth Templeton

Fred Clark

Chester Dietrich

Robert Cummings

Capt. James Embry

Richard Haydn

Bartlett Finchley

Dewey Martin


John McIntire

Prof. A. Daemon

Jack Carson

Harvey Hunnicut

Dane Clark

Ace Larsen

Peter Falk

Ramos Clemente

Dean Jagger

Ed Lindsay

Gary Merrill

Sgt. Joseph Paradine

Barbara Nichols

Liz Powell

Harold J. Stone

Grant Sheckly

Franchot Tone

Col. Archie Taylor

Theodore Bikel

Oliver Crangle

Andy Devine

Somerset Frisby

Geoffrey Horne

Williams - the Alien

Warren Stevens

Nathan 'Nate' Bledsoe

Phyllis Thaxter

Virginia Lane Walker

Joseph Wiseman

Paul Radin

Dana Andrews

Paul Driscoll

Richard Basehart

Adam Cook

Robert Duvall

Charley Parkes

Richard Erdman


Steve Forrest

Major Robert Gaines

Cedric Hardwicke

Uncle Simon Polk

Pat Hingle

Horace Ford

Howard Morris

George P. Hanley

Patrick O'Neal

Harmon Gordon

Robert Sterling

Douglas Winter

Mary Badham

Sport Sharewood

Joan Blondell

Phyllis Britt

Ann Blyth

Constance Taylor

Neville Brand


Michael Constantine

Sherriff Charlie Koch

Jackie Cooper


Wally Cox

James Elwood

Richard Deacon

Wallace V. Whipple

Robert Lansing

Commander Douglas Stansfield

Barry Nelson

Bob Frazier

Collin Wilcox Paxton

Marilyn Cuberle

Peter Mark Richman

Trooper Robert Franklin

Jim Hutton

Major William Gart

Ida Lupino

Barbara Trenton

Nehemiah Persoff

Carl Lanser

David Wayne

Walter Bedeker

Gig Young

Martin Sloan

Orson Bean

James B.W. Bevis

James Daly

Gart Williams

Vera Miles

Millicent Barnes

Susan Oliver


Janice Rule

Helen Foley

Pippa Scott

Laura Templeton

Charles Bronson

The Man

Buddy Ebsen

Jimbo Cobb

Joanne Linville

Lavinia Godwin

Carol Burnett

Agnes Grep

Joan Hackett

Esther Fortune

Sherry Jackson

Comfort Gatewood

Robert Redford

Harold Beldon

Frank Sutton


Antoinette Bower

Eve Norda

Pat Crowley

Jackie Benson

Pert Kelton

Mrs. Parkes

Ruta Lee

Flora Gordon

Nan Martin

Laura Ford

Ed Nelson

Philip Redfield

Tim O'Connor

Col. Sloane

Jacqueline Scott

Helen Gaines

Hazel Court

Charlotte Scott

William Demarest

Joe Britt

Shelley Fabares

Ellen Tillman

Paul Fix

Newspaper Editor Colbey

Mariette Hartley

Sandra Horn

Marsha Hunt

Mrs. Henderson

George Takei

Arthur Takamuri

Henry Jones

J. Hardy Hempstead

Martin Milner

Paul Grinstead

Sydney Pollack

Arthur Willis

Abraham Sofaer

Dr. Stillman

Estelle Winwood

Laurette Bowen

Jack Elam


Strother Martin


Tom Reese


R.G. Armstrong


Edgar Buchanan

Doc Bolton

Don Durant

Gregory Walker

Nancy Kulp

Agnes Gann

Cliff Osmond


Frank Aletter

Colonel Connacher

James T. Callahan

Doug Kirk

Harold Gould

General Larrabee

David Macklin

Bud Powell

Natalie Trundy

Ellen Marshall

Ruth White

Mrs. Ford

Ian Wolfe


Pamela Austin


Sterling Holloway

TV Repairman

George Lindsey

Deputy Pierce

Celia Lovsky

Viola Draper

Philip Ober

Mr. Henderson

Patrick Macnee

First Officer McLeod

Jean Marsh


Val Avery

The Bartender

Patricia Donahue

Janie Williams

Charles Lane

Mr. Peckinpaugh

Edward Platt


Peggy Stewart

Grace Stockton

Hardie Albright

Secretary General

Jacques Aubuchon


John Considine


Greg Morris

Lt. Woodard

Doris Singleton


Ray Teal

Mr. Franklin

Jeffrey Byron

Jeb Sharewood

Roger Davis

David Mitchell

Brooke Hayward

Paula Harper

Norman Leavitt

Sheriff Gilchrist

George Macready

Dr. Bixler

Denver Pyle

Stu Tillman

Naomi Stevens

Washroom Attendant

Meg Wyllie

Sister Florence

Leonard Nimoy


Hayden Rorke


Lee Van Cleef


Dub Taylor


Phil Chambers

Gas Man

Joyce Jameson


Roy Roberts

Mr. Cooper

Joyce Van Patten

Eileen Ransome

Willis Bouchey

Dr. Sam Thorne

Douglass Dumbrille

Mr. Halpert

Robert Hogan

Robert Blake

Ron Howard

Wilcox Boy

Ken Lynch


William Schallert


Dorothy Adams

Mrs. Canfield

Veronica Cartwright

Anne Rogers - Age 11

James Doohan


Alan Napier

Capt. Protheroe

Michael Conrad

Deputy Sheriff Harper

Henry Corden


Titus Moede

Wesley Miller

Eddie Barth


Robert Bray

Capt. Dennet

Joe Flynn


Arthur Peterson


John Astin


Doug McClure

Pete Grant

Judee Morton

Older Karen - Age 18

Ron Masak

Harmonica Man

James Franciscus

Lt. Mueller

Don Rickles


Adolf Hitler


Ted Knight


Gloria Pall

Girl in Bar

Eleanor Audley

Mrs. Whitney

Mitzi McCall


Bob Crane

Disc Jockey

Michael Pataki

Jeep Driver

George E. Stone


Dan White

Second Man

Edy Williams

Chorus Girl

Bill Hickman


Sally Kellerman

Office Worker

Stuart Nisbet


Denise Lynn

Little Girl

Lurene Tuttle


Episodios de La Dimensión Desconocida (The Twilight Zone)

Where is everybody
One for the Angels
Mr Denton On Doomsday
The sixteen millimeter shrine
Walking distance
Escape clause
The lonely
Time enough at last
Perchance to dream
Judgement night
And when the sky was opened
What you need
The four of us are dying
Third from the sun
I shot an arrow into the air
The hitch hiker
The fever
The last flight
The purple testament
Mirror image
The monsters are due on Maple Street
A world of difference
Long live Walter Jameson
People are alike all over
The big tall wish
A nice place to visit
Nightmare as a child
A stop at Willoughby
The chaser
A passage for Trumpet
Mr. Bevis
The after hours
The mighty Casey
A world of his own
The king nine wil not return
The man in the bottle
Nervous man in a four dollar room
A thing about machines
The howling man
The Eye of the Beholder
Nick of time
The lateness of the hour
The trouble with Templeton
A most unusual camera
The night of the meek
Back There
The whole truth
The invaders
A penny for your thoughts
Twenty two
The odyssey of flight 33
Mr. Dingle, the strong
The prime mover
Long distance call
A hundred yards over the Rim
The Rip Van Winkle caper
The silence
Shadow play
The mind and the matter
Will the real martian please stand up?
The obsolete man
The arrival
The shelter
The passersby
A game of pool
The mirror
The grave
It´s a good life
Deaths Head Revisited
The midnight sun
Still Valley
The jungle
Once upon a time
Five characters in search of an Exit
A quality of mercy
Nothing in the Dark
One more Pallbearer
Dead´s Man shoes
The Hunt
Showdown with Rance McGrew
Kick the Can
A piano in the house
The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank
To serve man
The Fugitive
Little girl lost
Person or Persons Unknown
The little people
Four O´Clock
Hocus Pocus and Frisby
The Trade Ins
The Gift
The Dummy
Young Man´s Fancy
I sing the Body Electric
Cavender is coming
The Changing of the Guard
In his Image
The Thirty Fathom Grave
Valley of the Shadow
He´s Alive
Death Ship
Jess Belle
Printer´s Devil
No Time Like the Past
The Parallel
I dream of Genie
The New Exhibit
Of Late I Think of Cliffordville
The Incredible World of Horace Ford
On Thursday We Leave for Home
Passage on the Lady Anne
The Bard
In Praise of Pip
Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
A Kind of Stopwatch
The Last Night of a Jockey
Living Doll
The Old Man in the Cave
Uncle Simon
Probe 7, Over and Out
The 7th is Made Up of Phantoms
A Short Drink from a certain Fountain
Ninety Years Without Slumbering
Ring A Ding Girl
You Drive
The Long Morrow
The Self Improvement of Salvadore Ross
Number Twelve Looks Just like You
Black Leather Jackets
Night Call
From Agnes, With Love
Spur of the Moment
An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
Queen of the Nile
What´s in the Box
The Masks
I am the Night, Color me Black
Sounds and Silences
Caesar and Me
The Jeopardy Room
Stopover in a quiet Town
The Encounter
Mr. Garrity and the Graves
The Brain Center at Whipple´s
Come Wander with Me
The Fear
The Bewitchin' Pool
Nada En La Oscuridad (2/2)
Uno para los Ángeles (1959)
(1959) Temporada 1 capitulo 4
Abracadabra Frisby (1/2)
La Dimensión Desconocida Abracadabra Frisby (2/2)
La Dimensión Desconocida El Sol de media noche (1/2)
La Dimensión Desconocida El Sol de media noche (2/2)
Los Ultimos Ritos De Jeff Myrtlebank (1/2)
Los Ultimos Ritos De Jeff Myrtlebank (2/2)
Una Cualidad Misericordiosa(1/2)
Una Cualidad Misericordiosa(2/2)
La Gente Pequeña (1/2)
La Gente Pequeña (2/2)
La Dimensión Desconocida Persona o Personas Desconocidas (1/2)
Presona o Personas Desconocidas (2/2)
Patea la lata (1/2)
Patea la lata (2/2)
La Jungla (1/2)
La Jungla (1/2)
La Jungla (2/2)
Los zapatos del hombre muerto (1/2)
Los zapatos del hombre muerto (2/2)
El Transeunte (1/2)
El Transeunte (2/2)
La Tumba (1/2)
La Tumba (2/2)
El Refugio (1/2)
El Refugio (2/2)
El Espejo (1/2)
El Espejo (1/2)
El Espejo (2/2)
Cambio de Guardia (1/2)
Cambio de Guardia (2/2)
Misterio ELEGIA (1/2)
Misterio ELEGIA (2/2)
Había una vez (1/2)
Un Santuario de 16 mm (1959)
En los limites de la realidad avion 1/3
En los limites de la realidad avion 2/3
En los limites de la realidad avion 3/3